Potters wheel

Potters wheel sessions are now open for booking online here

Have you always wanted to have a go on the potters wheel and try your hand at making your very own pottery materpiece?

Well now is your chance, here at China Butterfly in Formby you can.

Our studio is just a short drive from both Southport & Liverpool. With help from one of our friendly staff you can create a fabulous piece of your own, sessions can be booked most Saturdays and some weekdays, please see below for more info & prices if you would like more info or to book just get in touch.

How long does it take?

The whole session including making your pots on the wheel ,pottery painting & painting your potters wheel piece takes approx 1.5-2hrs.

What age is the potters wheel suitable for?

Pretty much any age can have a go, our youngest potter so far was 3yrs old, and there is no upper age limit, as long as you are willing to have a go & get a bit messy anyone can make a pot.

How does the session work?

Each person will get to make 2 pots on the wheel (approx 15-20mins per person) with 1 to 1 Direction. You can choose your favourite pot each to keep and the others will be recycled. Once the pots are made they need to be left to dry off a little for about 30 mins, whist you are waiting for your pot to dry you can choose a pottery piece to paint in Acrylic paints (small character or upgrade to a mug in glaze). When your potters wheel pot has dried off a little you will be able to add some coloured details such as flowers, spots, stripes etc, when you have finished painting you leave your potters wheel pot with us to dry, be fired, glazed & fired again, this generally takes 3+ months depending on the weather & volume of pots going through the kilns etc. You can take your acrylic painted pottery piece away with you on the day.

How much does it cost & what can I make?

Potters wheel sessions are £33.50pp for a minimum of 2 people, the session must be booked & paid for in advance, you can either book online or you can call on 01704 831709 and we can send you an invoice. Payment needs to be made in full to confirm your booking.

You can make either a pen pot, a small bowl or candle dish, the price includes painting a design on your piece with glazes plus firing & glazing to make it functional. 

You can also paint a small pottery character with Acrylic paints while you wait for your potters wheel pot to dry a little, finally you can add some colours to it before you leave it with us to be fired & glazed

Optional add ons: Upgrade to painting a standard mug in glazes rather than a small acrylic figure +£12.50pp (total £46pp)

Make 3 pots on the wheel each (each choose your favourite 2 to keep) + £17.50pp (total £50pp)

Please note that sessions are non refundable due to the limited availability of slots, we need a minimum of 72hrs to reschedule your slot if there is less than 72hrs before your booking or you fail to turn up you will lose the full payment. We will always try our best to move your slot but this isn't always possible at short notice.